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Personnel Development

Realize your goals with us

Curiosity is an important feature that characterises our employees. Take advantage of the numerous training and educational opportunities at the IMMOFINANZ Academy! You can deepen your knowledge both through "on the job training" and internal as well as external courses, and thereby develop yourself consistently.

We will promote your positive development through a wide range of advanced education including language courses, economic and management courses, and participation in conferences. We will be pleased to advise you in employee assessments, as your personal development is the key to your future career at IMMOFINANZ.

The highlight here is our real estate training. This is an internal training series, which is particularly relevant to the IMMOFINANZ core business. Here our internal experts share their knowledge with all our employees.


Knowledge multiplies only when it is shared. So share your expertise with your colleagues in the Immofinanz core markets through an "unlimited" exchange in the truest sense of the word.

Gain experience on the job, because of course you learn the most in practice. In this way, you can take on your own tasks as quickly as possible and be convincing by acting on your own responsibility.
Home ›› Careers ›› Us as an Employer ›› Personnel Development
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