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Asset Management

The asset management area in IMMOFINANZ is responsible for the optimal management of our real estate portfolio, with the explicit goal of value appreciation. We generate the majority of our income in this area.

Service orientation and customer satisfaction are central to our work. Local teams ensure close cooperation with our customers. This is a critical advantage in the international real estate business. As a result of this "local to local" principle, we not only benefit from our asset manager's local network, but also from faster decisions.

The implementation of individual customer requests plays a central role - a high degree of flexibility and the ongoing optimisation of our portfolios are closely connected to this. We have therefore put targeted measures in place to maintain the high quality and improve the rental status and income of our real estate portfolio.

These refurbishments of existing real estate help us to remain an attractive partner for existing tenants, and are therefore an important competitive factor.
Home ›› Company ›› Our Income Sources ›› Asset Management
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