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Merger 2010

Proceedings to review the exchange ratio applied to the merger of IMMOEAST and IMMOFINANZ

IMMOFINANZ, as the accepting company, was merged with IMMOEAST, as the transferring company, in accordance with a merger agreement dated 21 January 2010. In connection with this merger, the former shareholders of IMMOEAST were granted a total of 567,363,702 shares in IMMOFINANZ based on an agreed exchange ratio of three IMMOFINANZ shares for each two IMMOEAST shares. Petitions were subsequently filed with the commercial court of Vienna by the shareholders of the two companies for a review of this exchange ratio (§§ 225c ff of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act), which led to the start of court proceedings and the appointment of a committee.

Nearly seven years after the start of the court review of the exchange ratio applied to the merger of IMMOEAST and IMMOFINANZ, IMMOFINANZ has reached an agreement through out-of-court negotiations with the claimants and the representatives appointed for the respective shareholder groups to terminate these proceedings through settlement. The agreement in principle by the involved parties reflects a recommendation by the committee appointed by the commercial court in Vienna to review the exchange ratio.

The commercial court in Vienna has approved this settlement. On 23 May 2017, the capital increase for the issuance of shares was entered in the commercial register. The shares were allocated on 30 May 2017.

Please find further details in the ad-hoc announcement as of 5 April 2017 and in the corporate news as of 23 May 2017.

(Update: May 2017)
Home ›› Investor Relations ›› Announcements ›› Merger 2010
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