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Convertible Bond 2011-2018

The CB 2018 (Convertible Bond 2011-2018) trades at prices that includes accrued interest (i.e. "flat quotation" or "dirty price"). The accrued interest is not paid separately, but is included in the quoted price or purchase price of each CB. In addition, the CB 2018 has a full dividend protection through adjustment to the conversion price.

January 2017, IMMOFINANZ announces an acceptance quota of 43.4% with respect to the incentiviced conversion invitation of its outstanding 4.25% Convertible Bonds 2018.

Please find more details in the Corporte News as of 20 January 2017.
Please find the details on the incentiviced conversion invitation in the Ad-hoc announcement as of 12 January 2017.

Overview over the 4,25 % IMMOFINANZ CB 2018

Volume at present EUR 287,280,662
Interest rate 4.25% payable semi-annually in arrear on 08 March and 08 September in each year, commencing on 8 September 2011
Term 08 March 2011 - 08 March 2018 (7 years)
Listing Vienna, Third Market
ISIN XS0592528870
Conversion right One Convertible Bond 2018 (nominal value EUR 4.12) entitles to convert into 1.2410 IMMOFINANZ shares and 0.0653 BUWOG shares.
Conversion period Bondholder can exercise their conversion rights beginning on 30 October 2011 until 26 February 2018 (except during Exluded Periods) by executing a Conversion Notice provided by the Convsersion Agent (Principal Conversion Agent: Deutsche Bank AG).
Subscription price / Convertible Bond EUR 4.12. The subscription price per CB corresponds to the issue price, the princial amount, the initial conversion price and the redemption price per CB.
As of 30 June 2017
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