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Convertible Bond 2017-2024

IMMOFINANZ Convertible Bond 2017-2024

The CB 2024 (Convertible Bond 2017-2024) has a full dividend protection through adjustment to the conversion price.

Overview over the 2,0%* IMMOFINANZ CB 2024

Volume at present EUR 297,200,000
Interest rate 2.0%* payable semi-annually in arrear on 24 January and 24 July of each year, commencing on 24 July 2017
Term 24 January 2017 - 24 January 2024
Investor Put Date 24 January 2022 (5 years) at par plus accrued interest
Denomination EUR 100,000
Repayment amount EUR 100,000
Listing Vienna Stock Exchange, Third Market
ISIN XS1551932046
Conversion Price EUR 22.20
Conversion period Bondholder can exercise their conversion rights beginning on 06 March 2017 until 10 January 2024 (subject to certain customary excluded periods) by executing a conversion notice provided by the conversion agent (principal conversion agent: BNP Paribas Securities Services, Luxembourg).
As of 30 September 2018
* Coupon reduction of 50 basis points upon receipt of investment grade rating
Home ›› Investor Relations ›› Financing ›› Convertible Bond 2017-2024
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