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With VIVO!, we created another IMMOFINANZ retail brand in 2014. VIVO! shopping centers are designed for cities with a catchment area of at least 200,000 people.
In a standardised design and modern ambience, VIVO! offers a varied mix of international and national retail shops, modern dining options, as well as extensive services and entertainment. All this makes the VIVO! shopping experience unique for the whole family.

The VIVO! experience relies on seven anchors:

  1. Leasable areas starting at 15,000 m2
  2. Sufficient parking space
  3. International retail concepts and local merchants
  4. Combination of shopping enjoyment with a leisure character
  5. Simple construction (one-storey) in high-quality design
  6. Characteristic design of the entrances, signage and info desks make VIVO! unmistakable
  7. The target group and their needs are our focus

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Home ›› Products ›› Retail ›› VIVO!
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